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Right now I am gearing up for the holiday season and waiting on some new blogging equipment to arrive. The website is going to have some new design changes and hopefully a new home! My plan is to start posting new content again during the holiday season (I have already started on it so don’t worry lol) 🙂
Thank you to everyone who consistently stops by to read my blog. I haven’t always been consistent with my content but starting in late 2017/2018 I have made the decision to provide new content every other Sunday to start (and eventually start posting weekly on Sundays) no matter what! Blogging while holding down a full time career is no joke but fashion blogging is all I think about so I figured it’s either go hard with this or just shut down the site and not waste anyone’s time. I decided I’m all in. I’ll be back soon.

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My experience with

So…recently I have been slowly dipping my toes in luxury fashion and I must say I am enjoying every moment. My bank account however, is not. Naturally I want to discuss my experience with this online retailer and give the pros and cons.

So who are they?

FullSizeRender (7) is a London based luxury brand retailer that has some boutiques out in London and they have a well organized website that ships just about anywhere in the U.S. I found out about them while comparing prices on a few luxury leather goods on google search. I had some concerns about the authenticity at first but it appears that everything is brand new and comes straight from the designer. They don’t sell anything pre-loved as far as I know.  When you purchase from them online the item total includes import taxes and duties. They also didn’t charge for shipping either so that was a huge plus.

Their packaging is very beautiful 🙂

What did I order?

One of the items on my wish list was the Saint Laurent 5 fragments grained leather cardholder. It is my dream wallet; a year ago I started to despise heavy bulky wallets. I never carry cash. All I really need is my drivers license, medical and dental card, roadside assistance card and debit card. In December I decided to purchase a Kate Spade cardholder in this pretty rose gold color that had glitter on it. I really enjoyed carrying just the cardholder and it fit perfectly with my small bag collection. The only problem was I didn’t have enough room. I still needed to have my medical and dental card and my keycard to get into the building at work. So even though I had the cardholder, I was still carrying along my old large wallet and a coin purse inside of my work bag. How annoying to purchase something that solves none of my problems! When I first saw the Saint Laurent cardholder online I was absolutely in love with it but not that price tag. I erased it from my mind for a few months because then I thought there was no way that I would pay $300 for a cardholder. Never say never. I ended up browsing online one day and did a search on google for designer cardholders. To my complete surprise, the Saint Laurent cardholder popped up on the google shopping search for only $215 through I hesitated for a couple days then pulled the trigger and I have zero regrets. All of my wallet problems are solved. There are 5 card slots with plenty of space in the slot for more than 1 card and a zipper compartment for change or folded up bills if needed. It fits in every single handbag I own and I use it every single day. This luxury purchase was worth every penny and I am pleased.


This item arrived FAST. I ordered online then less than 4 hours later I received an email saying the item was ready to be shipped. Then early the next day another email came through saying it was dispatched. The delivery date said it was going to arrive 3 or 4 days later but I actually received it in 2 business days FROM OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES!! That is impeccable. I thought retailer Asos (also based out of the UK) had a fast shipping time but matches fashion has them beat. I was very impressed.


saint laurent cardholder


It’s perfect!

Do I recommend

I do and I plan to order from them again…but the thing about doing business with retailers these days is sometimes the customer service can be finicky. I will say that I am pleased with my first experience and I recommend that you check out the website, see what you like and try it out for yourself (at your own risk though because all of the items are beautiful and you will want everything).

Have you purchased anything from before? What are your thoughts? I am adding more items from Saint Laurent to my wish list so if you would like for me to share my wish list I can do a blog post on that as well. Let me know in the comments 🙂

Thanks for checking out my blog!

**No I was not sponsored by (I wish). I just wanted to blog about the experience and give my initial impressions.

Pulling the Trigger: The Gucci Lookalike

Ordered from, Brand is Mango. Yes it is sold out now.

The Gucci Lookalike: Mango Gold Jacquard Floral Chain Strap Bag

So one rainy day during the week I was online doing my usual creeping on the Asos website when i noticed this yellow gorgeous beauty. Considering I had been so obsessed with the color yellow the past month it wasn’t a question for me. I made my first impulse buy of the year. It wasn’t too bad. The item was not high end luxury so as long as I don’t make impulse buying a habit I’m alright I guess. Check out more pics below:


FullSizeRender (7)
Holds all of my essentials: Le Specs sunglasses, Kate Spade cardholder, keys, mints, 2 pouches that hold lotion, hand sanitizer, mirrors, argan oil and lip products

Why do I like it you ask? It’s something about that bright vibrant print and how the yellow color blends with the flowers it just immediately catches my eye and I think it’s the perfect statement bag for summer.

What I noticed immediately is how alike the bag is to the Gucci GG Marmont floral jacquard shoulder bag which may I also add retails for $1,790. Since I wasn’t ready to shell out almost $2k for this particular bag the option to get a lookalike from Asos for only $95 was a definite yes no questions asked. So you see why I was up to no good this week ordering things that I know I don’t need. It was worth it though I love it and I get a lot of compliments on it.

As far as what I have been wearing the bag with, this weekend I kept the outfits simple so that my bag can be the star of the show. Today I wore a white button down from Ann Taylor, black pants from CottonOn, and black mules from Target. Saturday I wore the bag with denim, white top from CottonOn, and nude sandals from Target.


Easy to open and close

Gorgeous print, looks exactly like the online photos

Fits all of my essentials

Chain strap is the perfect length (I’m 5’4)

Doesn’t feel super heavy


The bag does get a few snags on it (hard to explain just see pics below) so I’m not sure how long it will last but we shall see!

What do you think about the floral jacquard print?

Be on the lookout for new blog posts coming soon 🙂

Thanks so much for reading.


My Faves: April 2017 Edition

Hope everyone is having an amazing spring so far. The weather has been suffering from a bit of schizophrenia but on the days when the weather is gorgeous I always like to hang out on a patio for brunch or go for a run. I have also been ordering some things online here and there from a few different places. Here are my favs for the month of April:

Ripped Jeans 

I am finding that ripped jeans are a go to no matter what mood I’m in. If I’m running errands around town and just want to be super casual i wear ripped jeans. If I’m going out to dinner someplace fancy I still want to wear ripped jeans. A while back H&M had a $20 sale on a lot of their jeans so I picked up some more and lately that’s all I want to wear with either a nice blouse or an off shoulder top.

Rebecca Minkoff mini regan tote

When you see me, you see this bag. I have been carrying it around everywhere from the grocery store to the nail salon or a happy hour somewhere. I am so surprised that even though the bag size runs small I can still fit all of my essentials in there. I mainly carry two small pouches for all of my lip and hand products, my kate spade cardholder, a portable charger, and I still have room to fit my sunglasses on top. Winning!


So Nordstrom Rack just recently had their off the rack sale and I will explain how real the struggle was. I saw a pair of the Clark’s snake embossed slingbacks in black first for an unbelievable price. There were two left in my size so all I needed was just a moment to think and make sure that was the pair I wanted. I go back to order them and my size was completely sold out! I’m like are you kidding me it’s only been about an hour! So I wait and keep checking back and then they were completely sold out of every size and the shoes disappeared into oblivion never to be seen again. Luckily they had other colors (of course they were not on clearance though lol) so I considered those. It really worked out because the grey ones match the Rebecca Minkoff tote! I love how comfortable they are. I much prefer these over the ridiculously high stiletto heels I used to wear years ago. If I can be comfortable and stylish then that’s a win-win for me.

Foreo Luna Mini

I had this cleansing brush on my radar for the past year. I was using the Olay cleansing brush for about five months now and although it worked well I got tired of buying the refill brushes (after just 1 refill lol). The refill brushes only come in a pack of 2 unless you go on amazon and search for a larger amount which of course costs more. I hopped online to look through pricing for the luna on google search and to my surprise Macy’s had them on sale. The luna mini was in my price range so I decided to pull the trigger. I like the fact that you only have to charge once every 5 months. I just got it last week but so far so good. I see myself sticking to the luna device and possibly upgrading to the largest size in the future.

Youtube Channel: Kayla Lashae

Yes I’m the girl that watches fashion and beauty youtube videos. I have been watching this particular beauty and lifestyle vlogger for a while now i would say over a year. She has 2 channels: 1 for posting about makeup, beauty hauls and tutorials and the other channel is for her lifestyle vlogs. I like watching her videos because we seem to have a lot of the same things in common when it comes to music, eating healthy, working out, shopping, and just living the single lifestyle in general without all the drama. She seems like a very positive drama free individual and i don’t know about you but that’s how i prefer to be in my own life. Check her out if that’s what you are looking for.

What are your favorites for this month? Let me know I’m dying to try some new things out! 

Thanks for checking out the blog!


Rebecca Minkoff Unboxing #2


If you haven’t seen the pics from the first unboxing you can check them out here. So I couldn’t help myself! I had to order another one within a two week period! I am absolutely obsessed with the color of this bag and it will be perfect to wear with white basic tops and blouses for summer. Check out the pics below:


FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (4)
Gorgeous color!

Is anyone else out there a big fan of Rebecca Minkoff bags?

What is your favorite handbag brand? I will be making a new handbag wish list soon!

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Grey is my new black

As part of my spring and summer initiative to stop wearing so much black, I have begun filling my closet with many different shades of grey from grey hoodies and v necks to grey booties and beanies. Check out my grey inspiration outfits below:

So which outfit is your absolute fav? It’s hard for me to choose just one!

Is everyone ready for spring? I cannot wait for the gorgeous weather to begin!

Thanks for viewing my blog! 

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Rebecca Minkoff Unboxing

Happy Saturday! Rebecca Minkoff has a really good 50% off sale going on so I recently ordered the mini regan tote in the color mushroom and I was pleasantly surprised! This bag is so pretty! Check out photos below:

This bag retails for $195. Got it on sale (and used a 15% off coupon) for $111.








Can’t wait to pull this out of the closet for spring!

Has anyone else snagged a good deal on a designer bag this week? 

Please post about it below! 

Thanks for reading!