“The Begency” Presents: Best On The Run Tour Costumes

I try not to overcrowd the internet with more content about celebrities but I have to chime in on Bey’s fashion from the “On the Run” tour. She has been killing it lately with the masked, mesh material pieces, and denim costume created by famous designers. The photogs have done a great job capturing the latest from her first On the Run tour in Miami! “Queen Bey” will be in my city at the end of this month and when the tickets first went on sale I was so tempted to be there. The tickets were just so expensive that all I could think about were the other things I could be spending that money on! I know Beyonce is an awesome performer but spending almost $300 for concert tickets and I’m not going home with her to eat afterward is just too much for me. She has good music and fashion I’m just not one of the die hard fans who would drag her off the stage if I saw her. Thank God for social media where I can at least get a few sneak peeks in on the tour. All I have to say is, I would be on the run in these costumes any day! I think the designers did a great job with being creative with the details of each one. Sometimes tour costumes can either be too over the top or just plain boring. These costumes have surely met in the middle. I just had to point out my top three favs below (pics are courtesy of Fashion Bomb Daily and Fashion Magazine not me by the way):

3. Versace Versace costume


2. Custom Diesel Piece


And the top favorite Bey On the Run costume is:

1. The mesh and sequin gorgeous bodysuit with a mask! I would rob a bank in this outfit any day!


 Feel free to comment the number of your favorite costume below, subscribe, and stay ready for the next blog post! I have a new fashion series I want to deep dive into very soon!



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