Closet Redemption

A peek at a few items that remained in the “keep” pile

Closet Redemption: The act of starting completely over in order to salvage your closet and rebuild your personal style

We are always talking about wanting more and more clothes and accessories but what if we already have a ton of clothes and less quality?I moved into my new apartment over two months ago and I was determined to give my surroundings a fresh start. So I finally worked up the courage to do the unthinkable. I got rid of about half of the items in my closet. I did it without mercy or second thoughts and i haven’t looked back.

The shirt with the stain on the front that I swore I would scrub out but never did? Gone.

The skirt with the missing button? Out.

The jacket with the sequins that I haven’t worn in two years? Gots to go.

For the last year and a half I was steadily trying to hold on to things that just weren’t making me happy anymore. My style was changing but I was too scared to get rid of my clothes. I kept wondering: What if I end up wearing the same thing every week? What if I regret giving away certain items? It’s been over two months and the fear is long gone. I am much happier since getting rid of that stuff and I’m excited about adding a few fall items to go with what I already have.

If you are looking to breathe new life into your closet these are the steps I took to get started:

Step 1: Pull every single item out of that closet. This includes clothes, shoes, belts, handbags, scarves, hats, wallets, and everything else in sight. After pulling everything out of the closet you want to start asking yourself these questions:

  • Are you in love with this item?
  • Does it bring you joy?
  • If you wore it today what would you pair it with?
If you end up stuttering or drawing a blank then maybe it should go in the give away pile.

You should have only two piles: Give it away and Keep

Step 2: You have two options: bag up the give away pile and take it immediately to a goodwill or salvation army OR take it to a consignment shop and see if you can earn some cash from your clothes and accessories.

Step 3: Take the keep pile and start organizing however you see fit whether its by color, style, or type.

The keep pile is the foundation. It should also consist of many style basics such as: button downs, basic tees, denim (jeans and jackets), blazers, cardigans, sweaters, blouses, and leggings. Having a lot of the basic items will give you more ways to switch up the outfits and add more expensive statement pieces to them (printed bomber jacket or sweatshirt). You will be surprised how many cute outfits you can create if you end up with less than 30 items so don’t fret it can be done if your give away pile turns out to be huge.

Once you have completed the organization process and put the items back in your closet that you are keeping now is the time to do a quick evaluation:

These are basic tees from H&M
  • Make a mental note of what basic items you are lacking. I recommend H&M and Asos for purchasing basic items the most. H&M has great prices and Asos offers a two or three pack for a lot of their basic items.
  • Take note of your current personal style. Has it changed? If so what items do you want to see more of? What do you like most about the items you decided to keep?
  • Search for inspiration that mirrors your personal style and save your favorites so you know exactly what to look for next time you go shopping. My new philosophy now when I shop is if I’m not in love with it then I don’t buy it.
My favorite transition piece lately is this t-shirt dress from Zara. During the summer I wore it with some sandals but for fall I am going to show you how I dress it up in a future fall blog post! 

So if you are in need of a closet redemption today, you got this!

With the season changing, now is the perfect time to get started.

Pour yourself a glass of wine, put on some music, and pull that stuff out!

Thanks for reading!


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