Christmas Wish List Coat Edition (

This week I’m doing two blog posts one about fashion and the other about 2017 goals. has been killing it lately with the 50% off sales so I have been spending a little time adding things here and there to my wish list. A few days ago I ordered this really nice long trench coat that I feel will be perfect for the inconsistent winter weather that we have in Texas.


After perusing through the majority of their inventory for the coats and jackets I was surprised to see a few more that I absolutely love. Leather and faux fur trends are the key to tackling harsh cold winds and freezing temperatures until springtime decides to make an appearance. Since it’s the holiday season I just wanted to share a few wish lists that I have currently for a couple online retailers (and no none of them will be sponsored although I wish lol!). Below is my wish list for coats and jackets that I am loving on

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I would love to see what everyone has on their christmas wish lists! 

Please comment below what your favorite coat is 🙂 

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Thanks for checking out the blog!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Wish List Coat Edition (

  1. Lexi

    I actually love Boohoo and their clothing. I ordered a couple things from there back in October and I LOVED what I received. A lot of people have been talking about not receiving their items or that the company is a scam, but I haven’t had a bad experience. I love their coats also 😭 Great post!

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